September 22, 2023
September 22, 2023

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YI of East Brunswick Holds Community Forum on Moving Beyond COVID

The Young Israel of East Brunswick (YIEB) recently hosted a discussion entitled “Thriving on the Other Side—a community conversation about mental and physical health, spirituality, compassion, and overcoming the COVID-19 public health crisis.” Rabbi Joshua Hess of YIEB hosted, and Tedford Taylor, director of pastoral care of RWJ-Barnabas Hamilton, moderated the event. The panel discussion featured Dr. Jack Stroh, Dr. Alan Wolkoff and Michele Falk, and attracted 80 people, half in person and half on Zoom.

YIEB Board member Jeffrey Taub shared three takeaways from the event with The Jewish Link:

“Many of us in the Jewish community are fortunate to know (and count among our friends) doctors, nurses and other professionals at major hospitals and healthcare networks who can advocate for us in times of need. Others aren’t so fortunate, and we must be on the lookout for opportunities to help them as well.

“Our healthcare professionals acted heroically during the most dangerous days and months of COVID, putting their own well-being on the line to help others. That took a physical and emotional toll on them, and continues to weigh on them psychologically even to this day.

“We are too quick to self-diagnose ourselves and rationalize common symptoms, e.g., “It’s just a cold” or “That headache always goes away.” We must remain self-aware of both our own health and what’s going on around us to remain vigilant, and seek professional guidance or care at the first sign of trouble.”

By Harry Glazer


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