April 18, 2024
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April 18, 2024
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Your Summer Internship: What Are You Waiting For?

It happens every spring immediately after Pesach. The call. It comes from a stressed college student or a concerned parent asking for help finding an internship for the summer. As a parent of teenagers myself, I empathize with both parents and students balancing busy schedules, workloads and aspirations. The fact that time can get away from us is no surprise in our household.

Panic usually sets in for young adults around six weeks before summer begins when they realize just how much goes into the process of securing a fulfilling internship. Often this involves multiple steps including creating and delivering a resumé, personalizing cover letters, creating a LinkedIn profile, preparing for interviews and following up with employers.

Generally speaking, people in our community’s network want to do what they can to help the next generation. However when the texts and phone calls start so late in the season, the first question we are often asked is, “Where were they when my firm was on campus?” Second question: “Why did they wait so long?”

Candidates are starting out with a strike against them when they apply so late in the season. This narrative needs to change.

Wayfind provides an alternative to the last-minute internship scramble. Put yourself in the driver’s seat and begin your search now. Top internships within every industry are competitive, and have deadlines in early and mid November. Go to your college’s career services office and research opportunities. Go to LinkedIn and search for unique internship programs nationwide. This is important for rising juniors, especially since some firms extend full-time job offers at the end of these summer internships. You are top talent––employers want you in their programs and ultimately as part of their firm. Go for it. If you don’t apply you will never get the opportunity.

No matter what your plans are for the summer, a resumé is your first step. It is your first touchpoint and should look professional and polished:

Wayfind’s resumé tip: Qualify and quantify your work experience.

Example: Jewish Community Center of Greater Metro Area

Largest community center in the Midwest; 5,000 annual members and 900 campers.

Bunk 1 Co-Counselor: Responsible for health and welfare of 18 6-year olds for eight hours a day.

Daily maintenance and attention to camp schedule of activities. Mindful of last-minute changes.

Responsible for the care of several campers specific health and dietary restrictions.

Responsible for strict safety protocols, specifically at swim and camp-wide dismissal.

Share bunk information with camp director for weekly newsletter.

Qualify and quantify your participation in group projects in your college courses. Discuss your community service, chesed activities in seminary year, fraternity/sorority activities, etc.

These are just a few tips to get you started. As always, Wayfind is here to help in any which way that you might need. As they say at Wayfind––your career your way.

Stay tuned for information on college level workshops coming to your neighborhood. Workshop series include a session on resumes, interview prep and LinkedIn networking. At the last workshop you will receive a professional headshot. Workshops will take place in Bergen County, Clifton/Passaic, Monsey and New York City. Separate classes for men and women are available.

If interested in learning more about Wayfind’s workshops and/or services, please email: [email protected].

Chag Sameach.

By Susan Nadritch


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