March 4, 2024
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March 4, 2024
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Mordechai Schmutter

Mordechai Schmutter is a freelance writer and a humor columnist for Hamodia and other magazines. He has also published seven books and does stand-up comedy. You can contact him at [email protected].

Articles by Mordechai Schmutter

The Joys of Parenting Teenagers

When I was a parent of small children, whenever I’d have a hard time, people would tell me, “Just wait until they become teenagers!” I

Shallow Shudiss

We have to do something to improve the way we do Shalosh Seudos because people aren’t taking it seriously. Do you know any family that

You’re No Prize Yourself

I don’t know why dentists don’t give their toys out until right before you leave. They should give their toys out when you get there.

Open-Shut Case

How come when you say that a person is yeshivish, you mean it as a good thing, but when you say that a car is

Beginners’ Simcha

We now present part two of my article about why brissin are easily one of the least stressful simchas to make. If you missed last

Cutting Out the Stress

Brissin are one of the most chilled simchas, for everyone involved except probably the baby. And maybe the mohel. (And probably the sandak.) There’s a

Fruits and Other Fruits

Everything you’ve been told is a lie. Including this, because it’s not literally everything. But definitely most of what you’ve been told as a little

Youth Minyan

Should you bring your kids to shul? This is a question that has been pestering Jewish fathers since the time of Yaakov and Eisav. Your

Vague Memories

By Mordechai Schmutter I think I’ve figured out why I seem to be losing my memory. And it’s not because I’m getting older. I mean,