April 19, 2024
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April 19, 2024
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Shira Sedek

Articles by Shira Sedek

This Month Is for You

Our time in exile is what makes us who we are. To be the Jewish people, it seems that we needed to go through exile

Am I Too Humble?

Some people will not take credit for their accomplishments. Others boast every second they can about the things they have achieved. However, neither are good

We Will Increase and Spread

During my trip to Israel this past week, I was able to witness the abundance of kindness, unity, and growth that has come from Am

To Be Like Ephraim And Menashe

It is customary for many fathers to bless their sons on Friday night, saying that Hashem should grant them the blessing of being like Ephraim

The Hands of Hashem

How many times in our lives do we encounter challenges without losing our temper? Or how many of us can let go of our past

Ending and Beginning

Parshat Mikeitz starts by stating that this has been the end of two years. The irony is that while this was said to be the

Run Away From Sin and Say No

Saying no is extremely hard especially if it is something tempting or you are surrounded by so many people doing the action, you don’t want

To Be Small and Blessed

In Parshat Vayishlach, Yaakov was preparing to meet his brother Esav. In doing so, he had done three things: sent messengers with gifts, split his

A Petition to Hashem

Parshat Toldot shows the power of our tefillot. Hashem is always listening to our tefillot and wants to agree to our prayers. The word prayer

Let’s Negotiate

Every word in the Torah has value and is there for a purpose. Why then does it seem like this week’s parsha of Chayei Sarah

From a Distance

Recently I asked my students what Judaism is. Their varied responses all pointed to a similar conclusion: Judaism is having a target on my back,