Saturday, March 25, 2023

Jay Edward Scharf is the founder of J. Scharf Jewelers LLC, providers of premier diamonds and fine jewelry for all of life’s special occasions. Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, not only for engagements and weddings, but significant events like an anniversary, birthday, graduation or bat mitzvah. J. Scharf Jewelers creates custom pieces to your specifications. Jay can also take an outdated piece of jewelry and transform it into something current and stylish.

Jay has over 15 years of experience working with diamonds. Previously, he oversaw operations and sales at Howard Engle Inc. Diamond Company. He began in the diamond business after graduating from Queens College. “I fell into it by accident, but then fell in love,” Jay explained. Initially he helped with routine office tasks and then began working with customers. “That’s my real passion: working with and meeting people from every walk of life. I look to make long-term relationships. I tell people, ‘I’m your jeweler for life.’”

Whether you’re a complete novice about diamonds or have some knowledge, Jay will walk you through the steps and make it stress-free. “Purchasing a diamond can be rather intimidating. I take the fear away.” After getting to know the client, Scharf prepares a selection of diamonds; not too much to be overwhelming, but enough to let a client compare and understand how diamonds differ. “Some people know exactly what they want and others need guidance,” he said.

Although you can gain some knowledge by doing online research, it still takes a skilled hand to explain all the facets of choosing a diamond, and show you how to align your preferences and budget. While diamond jewelry is to be worn and appreciated, it’s an investment; you need to understand the value of what you are getting. Scharf will share with customers a dazzling array of stones as he gives a brief primer on diamonds, helping them to take in their unique characteristics.

Jay is also there for his customers at life’s sensitive times. If the sparkle goes out of a marriage, Jay can sell no-longer-wanted engagement and wedding rings. He can also modernize or liquidate estate jewelry. He recently sold a diamond jewelry collection for an older woman who was worried that her heirs might fight over it. Instead, money from the sale was put into a fund, distributed over time to each grandchild on their birthdays. A win-win outcome for all.

The best times for Scharf, though, are when he is making diamond jewelry for engagements and gifts. “You might get flowers every Shabbos but you don’t get a diamond every day,” he mused. “I am meeting people at the happiest times of their lives.”

Jay will meet you anywhere in the tri-state area at your convenience. For more information, visit www.jscharfjewelers.com. For an appointment, call or text 917/576-4924.

By Bracha Schwartz


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