December 5, 2023
December 5, 2023

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Tech Tips For Savvy Business Owners

Technology can deliver unlimited benefits to business owners who are willing to get the right training, stay current on industry tech trends, and understand how to evaluate new products, systems, and apps. Knowing how to optimize Databricks clusters can mean getting performance and affordability in one package. Likewise, cloud computing, cybersecurity, and data analytics are three additional tools that can lead to a fatter bottom line for companies in every industry. Consider the following tech-related suggestions if you want to maximize profits via the latest methods.


Be Smart About Databricks Clusters

For organizational owners and managers who want fast workflows at an affordable price, step one is to optimize Databricks clusters. In any environment where the speed of data flow is important, it’s essential to employ a range of techniques to get the most out of Databricks while minimizing everyday costs. When done right, the process is a collaborative way to analyze data and yields a variety of positive results. What can you do to achieve that goal? There are dozens of practical approaches, but many businesses get excellent results through rightsizing, autoscaling, and selecting the right instance types.



Databricks has autoscaling features that let users delete or add nodes whenever the situation demands such changes. That way, you never need to worry about having enough computer power, wasting money on idle data files, or unnecessarily incurring costs. Autoscaling is a simple go to solution for anyone who wants to get the most out of Databricks features and functions.


Choosing the Proper Instance Type

When dealing with any type of workload, it’s essential to select the right VM instance type. Some projects rely exclusively on GPUs, while others can only operate with CPUs. Additionally, depending on the specific job, it might be necessary to choose an instance type that employs a mixture of GPU and CPU virtual machine instances.



It’s always helpful to make certain that the workload is matched with the right cluster size. What happens when things get out of kilter? You’ll notice that runtimes tend to be longer if you engage in under-provisioning of the clusters, while the opposite behavior can result in unduly high expenses. What’s the most common solution? In order to keep costs as low as possible and bolster overall performance, remember to assess the needed workload. Then, calibrate cluster resources according to the specific workload.


Leverage the Power of Cloud Computing

No matter the size of your company or the industry in which it operates, cloud computing is a modern necessity. The unattractive alternative is to use a tech infrastructure based on in-house components, like physical servers and similarly costly choices. Fortunately, when you use the cloud to store your company’s apps and data, there’s no worrying about maintaining hardware or working remotely.


Make Cybersecurity a Priority

Modern organizations need to operate in a highly digital environment. That means that there is no substitute for cybersecurity. The path forward for savvy managers and owners is to invest in various cybersecurity products, apps, systems, and services to safeguard the company’s reputation, client data, and company files of all kinds. One of the simpler tactics is to use intelligent password systems, employ MFA (multi-factor authentication) whenever possible, and pay close attention to software updates. 


If you don’t have the in-house expertise to cover all the bases, team up with a reliable third party who can train your team members and perform routine security checks. The secret is to be proactive when protecting your organization’s digital files and similar proprietary assets. The policy can take time to implement, but it can prevent expensive breaches and knotty legal problems.

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