April 18, 2024
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April 18, 2024
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The Tisha B’Av Food Dilemma

Does everyone agree that after one or two bites (perhaps slightly more) following an entire day of fasting, we feel as though our stomachs get full more quickly than usual? Ironically, that feeling of satiation does not seem to happen on Shabbat when we gorge ourselves with large, gourmet meals. We just keep eating and heaping more and more portions onto our plates.

Whether it is a bagel with cream cheese, a warm hearty plate of soup or a dish with pasta, vegetables and cheese, everyone seems to get full more quickly than on another regular day.

The fact that Tisha B’Av begins on a Motzei Shabbat this year means we are faced with the conundrum of what to serve to make seudah shlishit more filling than usual. Another challenge, of course, is the fact that most of what we eat will be room temperature at best. Some, I have been told, will leave the serving of cholent to the third meal of the day. A large tossed salad with the usual cholent concoction fits the bill. Filling and fulfilling, it prepares many for the 25-hour fast. It is suggested to hydrate as much as possible prior to the fast.

Returning to the seudah following Tisha B’Av, and keeping in mind that the primary cook is also fasting, it is suggested to serve something light and easy. A blintz soufflé takes no more than 15 minutes to prepare and is a warm and savory “after the fast” suggestion. Served with a dollop of sour cream, it produces smiles on the faces of those sitting down to break their fast.

Omelettes are also a great choice for this meal. Customized to the palates of the participants, one can enjoy fried onions, mushrooms and cheese, and another plain eggs.

Easy sliced tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers and a platter of snow peas or sugar snaps as a side dish to either of these selections adds to the colorful display on the table as well as to the well-being of the eater.

Top it all off with a dish of ice cream and everyone will be ready to walk away from the table totally invigorated and well nourished.

Blintz Souffle

2 13-oz. packages frozen cheese blintzes

8 eggs

1 lb. sour cream

Dash of cinnamon

1 cup sugar

1 tsp. vanilla

Grease a 9×13-inch pan and lay blintzes on the bottom of the pan. Combine remaining ingredients in a large mixing bowl and blend together until smooth. Pour mixture over blintzes and bake at 350°F, covered for 25 minutes and uncovered for 20 minutes. ENJOY!


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